While insurers, hospitals and air ambulance companies fight about who should pay for life-saving flights, patients are footing the exorbitant bills. Story recognized as a finalist for the National Institute of Health Care Management Foundation print journalism award for 2015.

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The cost of doing good

Johns Hopkins is adapting to tight state regulation of hospital revenue by growing business out of state.

spilled milk: How UMD made a mess of nutrition research

Maryland's new method for regulating hospital revenue means hospitals have be more thoughtful about what's going on outside their walls. Project supported by a 2014 fellowship from the Association of Health Care Journalists.

University of Maryland had to retract research, give back more than $200,000 in private industry funding and admit flaws in its research approval protocol after a media firestorm over a study that linked a specialty chocolate milk to concussion recovery. Ongoing coverage and public records requested pushed UMD to take action.

the most expensive ride of your life