Maryland blames its contractors for its failed health exchange website, but getting taxpayer money back will be a challenge.

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Ethicists say the University of Maryland crossed the line with a study that linked chocolate milk to concussion recovery.

New kind of drunk

The head of University of Maryland Medical Center's Shock Trauma Center works 118 of the 168 hours there are in a week. His job: bringing back patients from the bring of death.

What one burned-up CVS says about health disparities and food deserts in Baltimore.

Baltimore covets the 1,700 jobs a new casino will bring. But many of those who need a job the most are out of luck — you can't work at a casino with a criminal record.

High malpractice insurance prices are driving OB-GYNs out of Baltimore and pushing hospitals to shutter their maternity wards.

A rural Eastern Shore community's fight to keep the local hospital open is about more than health care.

Johns Hopkins is adapting to tight state regulation of hospital revenue by growing business out of state.

Powdered alcohol just became legal and no one is sure what do about it.

Bon Secours Hospital is one of the poorest hospitals in Baltimore, yet it spends a greater portion of its budget on community services than any other in the city.

Air ambulances can make the difference between life and death for critically ill patients. But they are leaving people with life's-worth of debt to pay off.

Evergreen Health Co-op was told to put a fork in it. Now this newcomer to Maryland's insurance market is expecting $100 million in revenue.